A(nother) trip to the beach

A Trip to the beach.

The Vertigo team was keen to get the sand between their toes and have an amazing day of Ultimate. The first tournament of 2020 was about to become a reality, something we had all been waiting for 7.5 months. That excitement was not just in the team from Eindhoven, it came from all around the country with sixteen teams making it to IJmuiden beach. 

Beach Ultimate = Ultimate Frisbee, with 4 players instead of 7, 6 seconds to throw the disc instead of 10, a smaller field, the disc in first throw (the pull) has to be upside down and a whole lot of friction from the sand you’re running in. 

Naïvely I thought that with 8 players, every point we would substitute 1 and the other 3 keep playing. This way we could continue the flow of the game better and keep improving point by point. The more experienced players already knew the best way forward was 4 on, 4 off; every point. 60 seconds into the first game I knew the others were right, sprinting through the sand to chase the disc was more work than I anticipated. I was grateful that 7 other players decided to join, including some brand-new Vertigo members.

At some point in the morning I overheard Danker repeat an answer he gave to someone from a different team. The question was “Why do we never recognize any Vertigo team members” to which Danker answered something along the lines of “Vertigo is the most open Ultimate team in the Netherlands, we welcome everyone and focus on giving all our players time on the field with the disc in hand”. There were more teams like this in IJmuiden that day but it’s one of the things I enjoy most of Ultimate – team spirit, friendliness and inclusion – and Vertigo has a lot of it.

Our opponents were a mixed bunch of people, we played against teams from Den Bosch, Groningen, Amsterdam, another team from Amsterdam, Enschede and Den Bosch again. Some all-male, some mixed, some old, some young, some people from the national team, some beginners. Altogether a very diverse range of teams, plays and strategies. Spirit was high, we tended to give each opposing team a 3 out of 4, and even though we got our butts kicked some time (umm 20-1) in other games the scores were very close and each point was earned.

As the day went on, the sand got hotter, the sun more intense, the sea-shells sharper and the holes in the socks bigger (for people who did not take beach volleyball socks). Luckily the 30 min break in between each game gave ample opportunity for refreshing dips in the North Sea. The day came to an end, celebratory beers & ice teas were shared and everyone looked back at an good-old-fashioned day of beach Ultimate.


Vertigo goes to Monster beach for a Monsterball

Ultimate Frisbee Beach Tournament? Beautiful weather? Say no more!! Vertigo players immediately packed their suitcases! The beach from The Hague was the stage for this past weekend. The Vertigo players were unable to resist such a temptation and found their way into the tournament with spots in several teams. 

Maartje was part of the Squid Squad team, a team formed by under 17 and under 20 national players plus some experienced members like a former-Vertigo member Nick, easily recognizable in his USA sleeves. Squid Squad surprised their opponents with their fast feet in the sand and their accurate long throws. The team grew though the weekend as communication within their members improved.

Anne and Michiel reinforced the team from Delft, Force Electro. The university team showed a beautiful performance and an incredible fighting spirit despite the injuries that some of their members suffered during the weekend. 

Disc Devils Twente stood with the old friendly relationship with Vertigo and welcomed Britt and Luis as part of their roster. Connections grew through the weekend and a beautiful 10th place out of 20 was accomplished. 

In a pair of excellent coincidences, Disc Devils Twente matched up against Squid Squad on Saturday afternoon and Force Electro on Sunday morning. As strange as it is to find your teammates in the opposite team, it was a great challenge to meet each other on the sand.

Hannah, a former Vertigo player was also part of the tournament with her current team Ultimaas from Maastricht. She surprised us when she showed up to the fields wearing that beautiful Vertigo shirt. 

Beautiful weekend, beautiful weather, unforgettable experiences and extreme fun during the whole weekend. Thanks to Ultimus Prime (The Hague’s Ultimate Frisbee Club) for organizing a new edition of Monsterball tournament.


Split stack play

Last Wednesday we started practicing the split stack. Although it started out a bit chaotic, eventually we started working out how to use the space effectively. In the end, I saw some nice flow.

To help explain how the space can be used, I thought it might be useful to run through a single play that offers three different attacking options to the player with the disc (we only go through two of the options though.

We start with two cuts from the open side. One player cuts hard horizontally, while the other goes deep. If the horizontal cutter is free, the handler can hit them with an inside pass. Note that the handler immediately offers a give and go option on the breakside.

The deep cutter turn and comes under to offer up their cutting partner an option up the middle, while the third cutter offers a sideline option. The dump clears to the stack on the breakside. And, the player who just threw the disc offers themselves as an option on the breakside. On not getting the disc, they drift back to a dump position.

The breakside stack keeps drifting to maintain position with the disc, and the end player busts long to offer a deep option after the second pass. The un-used player on the open side heads deep to keep the under space clear.

Split stack flow

If the horizontal cutter is not free, the two cuts have isolated the third cutter on the open side. The handler can put the disc into space for them. As with the previous option, the handler offers a break side give and go option and clears to the breakside stack. The deep cutter will be coming under and angles their cut to keep the open side clear. This provides the player with the disc with a potential wide around pass.

The deepest player on the break side stack busts deep to provide an option for an immediate score from the isolated player. The dump moves into position, while a player on the breakside stack begins a horizontal cut in th event that the deep pass is not on.

Split stack with isolation

I hope these two animations provide some ideas for how to cut and clear in the split stack.


Time to mix it up

Mixed competition is nearly upon us.

This year, we have quite a few new(ish) players joining the team as well as some more experienced players joining the team. That means we are in development mode. Our aim for this season is to train basic skills and develop offence and defensive strategies.

Last season we focused on just playing a traditional vertical stack. We did that to develop basic skills and to improve the connection between our players. It also gives us a base from which to develop new offence strategies. This season we will work on the split stack.You can find some great information about the split stack here as well as some play ideas in the embedded video below

Aside from the split stack, expect to work a lot on the basics: you’ve got to be able to throw and catch to make any offence work. We’ll also work a lot on the basics of cutting, forcing, and blocking out space.

Looking forward to seeing you at the fields.


Sport Lounge vrijdag 16 November 2018

Op vrijdag 16 november 2018 tussen 18.00 en 21.00 uur wordt er een Sport Lounge georganiseerd in buurthuis Meerhoven (clubhuis voetbalvereniging DBS) voor senioren en expats uit de wijk Meerhoven (Strijp). Dit is een initiatief van Eindhoven Sport.

Het doel van de Sport Lounge is senioren en expats informeren over sport en beweegaanbod in Meerhoven. Tevens wordt de vraag bij expats en senioren uit de wijk (wat is de vraag/ behoefte vanuit deze doelgroep) opgehaald door Eindhoven Sport. Op deze manier kunnen senioren en expats in contact komen met de sportverenigingen en sportaanbieders.

Op deze avond zijn 19 sportaanbieders aanwezig die informatie verstrekken over de sport- en beweegactiviteiten. Het zijn aanbieders van verschillende sporten waaronder hockey, voetbal, frisbee, kanoën, bowlen en fitness. Het is een informatiemarkt waarbij zowel informatie als demonstraties en workshops worden gegeven. Senioren, expats en kinderen zijn welkom! Vanaf 18.00 uur is er de mogelijkheid om naar het Buurthuis van DBS te komen en informatie op te doen. De avond eindigt om 21.00 uur.

Graag tot ziens op vrijdag 16 november 2018!

Eindhoven Sport


Intro course 2018

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Ultimate frisbee is een epische sport, vooral bekend bij studenten. Vertigo is de ultimate frisbee vereniging van de TU/e. Vertigo draait mee met de landelijke competitie, (internationale) toernooien en we hebben ook spelers die uitkomen voor Nederland bij het EK. We zijn open voor spelers van alle niveaus. Dus of je ervaren bent of nog nooit een disc hebt gegooid maar het eens wil proberen, stuur een mail ( of klik op de link!

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Ultimate frisbee is an epic sport, mostly popular under students. Vertigo is the ultimate frisbee association connected to the TU/e. Vertigo plays national competition, (international) tournaments and we even have players playing in the national team. We are open to players of all levels. So whether you’re already experienced in the sport or have never thrown a disc before, send us an email ( or click on the link above and try out ultimate!