Time to mix it up

Mixed competition is nearly upon us.

This year, we have quite a few new(ish) players joining the team as well as some more experienced players joining the team. That means we are in development mode. Our aim for this season is to train basic skills and develop offence and defensive strategies.

Last season we focused on just playing a traditional vertical stack. We did that to develop basic skills and to improve the connection between our players. It also gives us a base from which to develop new offence strategies. This season we will work on the split stack.You can find some great information about the split stack here as well as some play ideas in the embedded video below

Aside from the split stack, expect to work a lot on the basics: you’ve got to be able to throw and catch to make any offence work. We’ll also work a lot on the basics of cutting, forcing, and blocking out space.

Looking forward to seeing you at the fields.