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Proefles (Try Out)

Ultimate is a great sport for newcomers. If you are interested in playing it, you’re welcome to join us during any training. Fill in the contact form below, however, and we’ll keep you informed whether the trainings are cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

When and where do we train?

  •  Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:30 PM at Genneper Parken, Bram Venemanlaan, 5644 HV Eindhoven

We recently switched fields because the GGD claimed our old field. Trainings are now on the COVS field.

What do you need for a training?
Nothing special, normal sportswear is fine, but don’t forget the following:

  • Shoes:
    • Cleats (shoes with spikes) are recommended for outdoor. If it’s your first time you can also train on normal sport shoes.
  • Dark and light shirt, if you have both, simplifies games played.
  • Water, especially in the summer, lots and lots of water!
  • In winter, wear thermals: we provide gloves to keep your fingers warm
  • Last but not least a good mood, we’ll provide the fun!

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Articles of Association

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