Safe Sport environment

We value a safe sport environment, and we stimulate all our members to create and maintain this safe environment for everyone.

Contact person safe sports

The overarching Dutch Frisbee Association (NFB) has a confidential contact person Mark ( This person can be your first point of contact for any questions or unsafe feelings, especially regarding unacceptable behaviour.

The NOC*NSF also has a contact option regarding safe sports. For more information, see this website.

Caroline van Woerkom is the confidential contact person within our club. She will be there mainly as a first point of contact for general unacceptable behaviour. This specifically includes any player or event that violates your personal boundaries in any way. We encourage everyone to take up any other annoyances within the club directly with the persons in question or the board, but you can contact Caroline if the board is not a neutral party.
To contact Caroline, one can either talk to her during a training or send a message to the emailadress

Spirit of the Game

Ultimate Frisbee is a very open sport with generally a good environment due to the Spirit of the Game. Spirit of the Game is the unique method of Ultimate Frisbee to adhere to a rule set without using referees. During a game, everyone can call a violation of the rules. Then we stop the game and discuss what happened. At the end of the game, each team rates the other team on how fair they acted and how much fun they were to play with. This is based on 5 categories:
– Rules knowledge and use
– Fouls and body contact
– Fairmindedness
– Positive attitude and self control
– Communication

Because of this setup, team reflection after each game is built into the sport and the team spirit and atmosphere is generally really nice and chill.