Split stack play

Last Wednesday we started practicing the split stack. Although it started out a bit chaotic, eventually we started working out how to use the space effectively. In the end, I saw some nice flow.

To help explain how the space can be used, I thought it might be useful to run through a single play that offers three different attacking options to the player with the disc (we only go through two of the options though.

We start with two cuts from the open side. One player cuts hard horizontally, while the other goes deep. If the horizontal cutter is free, the handler can hit them with an inside pass. Note that the handler immediately offers a give and go option on the breakside.

The deep cutter turn and comes under to offer up their cutting partner an option up the middle, while the third cutter offers a sideline option. The dump clears to the stack on the breakside. And, the player who just threw the disc offers themselves as an option on the breakside. On not getting the disc, they drift back to a dump position.

The breakside stack keeps drifting to maintain position with the disc, and the end player busts long to offer a deep option after the second pass. The un-used player on the open side heads deep to keep the under space clear.

Split stack flow

If the horizontal cutter is not free, the two cuts have isolated the third cutter on the open side. The handler can put the disc into space for them. As with the previous option, the handler offers a break side give and go option and clears to the breakside stack. The deep cutter will be coming under and angles their cut to keep the open side clear. This provides the player with the disc with a potential wide around pass.

The deepest player on the break side stack busts deep to provide an option for an immediate score from the isolated player. The dump moves into position, while a player on the breakside stack begins a horizontal cut in th event that the deep pass is not on.

Split stack with isolation

I hope these two animations provide some ideas for how to cut and clear in the split stack.