Vertigo goes to Monster beach for a Monsterball

Ultimate Frisbee Beach Tournament? Beautiful weather? Say no more!! Vertigo players immediately packed their suitcases! The beach from The Hague was the stage for this past weekend. The Vertigo players were unable to resist such a temptation and found their way into the tournament with spots in several teams. 

Maartje was part of the Squid Squad team, a team formed by under 17 and under 20 national players plus some experienced members like a former-Vertigo member Nick, easily recognizable in his USA sleeves. Squid Squad surprised their opponents with their fast feet in the sand and their accurate long throws. The team grew though the weekend as communication within their members improved.

Anne and Michiel reinforced the team from Delft, Force Electro. The university team showed a beautiful performance and an incredible fighting spirit despite the injuries that some of their members suffered during the weekend. 

Disc Devils Twente stood with the old friendly relationship with Vertigo and welcomed Britt and Luis as part of their roster. Connections grew through the weekend and a beautiful 10th place out of 20 was accomplished. 

In a pair of excellent coincidences, Disc Devils Twente matched up against Squid Squad on Saturday afternoon and Force Electro on Sunday morning. As strange as it is to find your teammates in the opposite team, it was a great challenge to meet each other on the sand.

Hannah, a former Vertigo player was also part of the tournament with her current team Ultimaas from Maastricht. She surprised us when she showed up to the fields wearing that beautiful Vertigo shirt. 

Beautiful weekend, beautiful weather, unforgettable experiences and extreme fun during the whole weekend. Thanks to Ultimus Prime (The Hague’s Ultimate Frisbee Club) for organizing a new edition of Monsterball tournament.