Intro 2016

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Ultimate frisbee is een epische sport, vooral bekend bij studenten. Vertigo is de ultimate frisbee vereniging van de TU/e. Vertigo draait mee met de landelijke competitie, (internationale) toernooien en we hebben ook spelers die uitkomen voor Nederland bij het EK. Wat je sowieso een keer moet meemaken zijn de toernooien (en de bijbehorende beruchte feesten).

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Rising High Team GNSK 2015 EK 2015

Tijdens intro vind je ons hier:

Groene Loper Festival — Dinsdag 16 augustus, 13:00 – 18:00 — hier

Intro Training Slot I — Donderdag 18 augustus, 13:30 – 14:30 — hier

Intro Training Slot II — Donderdag 18 augustus, 15:00 – 16:00 — hier




EK 2015

It can’t have escaped anyone’s attention in the Ultimate scene, the European Ultimate Championships (EUC) are happening!


Okay, it’s not entirely true; the Regular EUC 2015 is over (July 25TH – August 2ND) and the detailed results can be found here.

Dutch Women team got 11th (of 19) + 1st Spirit!!!

Dutch Open team got 12th (of 17)


However!, the European YOUTH Ultimate Championships (EYUC) have just begun, and that’s where it becomes interesting, as three(!!) Vertigo players are participating!



Here is the games schedule, and here are the results of the played games.

Oh, and by the way, live streams will be available here  from the quarter finals onwards


We proudly present to you our members playing on three different teams, along with links and the schedule for their games.

Good luck to you all!


Hanna Bosland (U20 Women)


  • 4-8, 13:30 Germany (L: 4-17)
  • 4-8, 17:30 Russia (L: 7-14)
  • 5-8, 09:30 Slovakia (W: 16-9)
  • 5-8, 15:30 Israel (W: 17-7)
  • 6-8, 11:30 France (L: 7-17)
  • 6-8, 15:30 Great Britain (L: 9-17)

Placement Pool #9-13

  • 7-8, 09:00 Ireland (W: 14-5)
  • 8-9, 09:00 Switserland


Adrian Lee (U17 Open)


  • 4-8, 09:30 France (L: 5-15)
  • 4-8, 13:30 Sweden (W: 11-8)
  • 5-8, 09:30 Israel (W: 11-5)
  • 5-8, 13:30 Great Britain (L: 0-15)

Pool Play 2:

  • 6-8, 13:00 Belgium (L: 2-15)

5th-8th place:

  • 7-8, 09:30 Ireland (L: 4-13)

7th place:

  • 7-8, 17:30 Austria


Jennifer Lee (U17 Girls)


  • 4-8, 09:30 Great Britain (W: 14-11)
  • 4-8, 15:30 Austria (W: 13-10)
  • 5-8, 13:30 France (W: 13-8)
  • 5-8, 17:30 Germany (L: 8-9)
  • 6-8, 15:30 Sweden (W: 15-4)


  • 7-8, 09:00 France (W: 15-7)




Devil’s Heaven

Here’s the scoop about the Devil’s Heaven Tourny.

This past weekend Vertimaas/Ultigo had a blast.

Among the awesome moments:

  • Beating one of the DDT teams in good fun.
  • Rolf placing in the top 3 with his Rolverine costume.
  • Having an intense match with the Flying Penguins from Belgium.
  • Emiel(now probably sore) having an amazing defensive diving block against the beautiful match against Panic.
  • Finding out that a blow-up fire extinguisher could represent so many other objects.
  • Being the last one’s still dancing at the party (the whole team)!

Thanks for good times this past weekend.

Bring on the outdoor season!

Picture taken by the band (Ten Tap Trouble), with the Vertigo crew dancing
Picture taken by the band (Ten Tap Trouble), with the Vertigo crew dancing



Dutch Indoor League 2014-2015

The Dutch Indoor League (Competitie) is starting coming Sunday!

The dates for each of the four league (Sun)days are as follows and can be found in our Calendar!

  • November 16
  • December 07
  • January 25
  • Febuary 22

Follow our three(!!) teams on the Leaguevine site using the following links:

Vertigo Team 1

Vertigo Team 2

Vertigo Ladies


Cursor Article

A few weeks ago, a Cursor reporter came by on our training to write a nice article about our association. The Cursor is the TU/e’s newspaper and news site.


The article can be found on-line here and can be read in this years’ fourth edition of the paper.


Moreover Bart van Overbeeke came along to shoot a few nice pictures:

Pictures courtesy of Bart van Overbeeke Fotografie

Eindhoven-NL / / (0031) 06-5024 7701 / (040-2444 197)

Beroeps Fotografen Nederland / De Beeldredaktie / Hollandse Hoogte / /


Introduction Training 2014

Vertigo, the student frisbee association in Eindhoven, organizes a 4 weeks introduction training in September.



Wednesday 3 September (20.00 – 21.30)

Wednesday 10 September (20.00 – 21.30)

Wednesday 17 September (20.00 – 21.30)

Wednesday 24 September (20.00 – 21.30)


At the end of the introduction training you get the opportunity to join a beginners frisbee tournament. This tournament takes place on the 27th of September.


Join now:

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