2nd indoor competition

last weekend we played the 2nd day of the indoor competition.
Vertigo 1 was also in the 4th division undefeatable, but with 2 intense tie games they weren’t able to promote again.
Vertigo 1-UFO2                 15-4
Vertigo 1-NUTS                 7-7
Vertigo 1-UTKA1                9-9
Vertigo 1-Almere Spinners  12-4

Vertigo 2 aka Devil Spiders had a bit more difficulty in the 5th division compared to the first day:
Devil Spiders-Swamp Dragons       13-9
Devil Spiders-Flying High               5-14
Devil Spiders-Gronical Dizziness 2  Lost by about 4
Devil Spiders-Bluefingers 1            12-10

Vertigo 3 had a difficult time in their division. Hope they will have a better day next time:
Vertigo 3-UTKA 2                     7-14
Vertigo 3-Veenendaal Tijgers 2  7-14
Vertigo 3-WAF 1                       2-14
Vertigo 3-UTKA 2                      7-9
More info: 16.50.23