Rising High 2014

Saturday, 6 AM, Vertigo on a mission; our Belgian friends need help on the field. Hopped into the Ruudmobile (thanks bro!), Delft here we come!

After a warm welcome from Carolina (thanks for the invite!) we hooked up with Jetset (the Belgian team). Jetset provided a sweet line-up, and luckily it took no time at all to get our plays in sync. Needless to say the first day offered some sweet games; most of them were very very close, we manage to win from “Panic”, “Een Beter Team” and “U20”. Only in our game with “Undutchables” we lost out. Meanwhile, Bart and I helped out Panic a little bit, for which karma offered us beautiful skirts (and drink-related features which came with them).


(taken by Martine Bootsma)

 The night was an educative experience; we learned that we are better in drinking beer than flipping-cups, girls ripping clothes of your body is not something that only happens on TV and limbo-dancing is super-easy when you’re liquored up. At some point we got to the tent, battled the ants and got into hibernation.

After a slow start, the inspiring speeches of the captain (Fax, Jetset) boosted our energy. There was an urge to fight, we needed to fight, we did fight. Scorewise day 2 was less successful than day 1, but we battled with sick bids. Especially the last game against the German “UFO” was phenomenal.

Result: 5th (out of 16).
Special thanks to Jetset. Since I screwed up with the yell so many times, this one is for you:

“Strakke cutjes, mooie trutjes, Pro-oo-oo-oopellors!”