Devil’s Heaven

Here’s the scoop about the Devil’s Heaven Tourny.

This past weekend Vertimaas/Ultigo had a blast.

Among the awesome moments:

  • Beating one of the DDT teams in good fun.
  • Rolf placing in the top 3 with his Rolverine costume.
  • Having an intense match with the Flying Penguins from Belgium.
  • Emiel(now probably sore) having an amazing defensive diving block against the beautiful match against Panic.
  • Finding out that a blow-up fire extinguisher could represent so many other objects.
  • Being the last one’s still dancing at the party (the whole team)!

Thanks for good times this past weekend.

Bring on the outdoor season!

Picture taken by the band (Ten Tap Trouble), with the Vertigo crew dancing
Picture taken by the band (Ten Tap Trouble), with the Vertigo crew dancing


Dutch Indoor League 2014-2015


The Dutch Indoor League (Competitie) is starting coming Sunday!

The dates for each of the four league (Sun)days are as follows and can be found in our Calendar!

  • November 16
  • December 07
  • January 25
  • Febuary 22

Follow our three(!!) teams on the Leaguevine site using the following links:

Vertigo Team 1

Vertigo Team 2

Vertigo Ladies

Cursor Article

A few weeks ago, a Cursor reporter came by on our training to write a nice article about our association. The Cursor is the TU/e’s newspaper and news site.


The article can be found on-line here and can be read in this years’ fourth edition of the paper.


Moreover Bart van Overbeeke came along to shoot a few nice pictures:

Pictures courtesy of Bart van Overbeeke Fotografie

Eindhoven-NL / / (0031) 06-5024 7701 / (040-2444 197)

Beroeps Fotografen Nederland / De Beeldredaktie / Hollandse Hoogte / /

Right To Play 2014

Saturday 27th of September, the bravest of our just welcomed members await their first tourney. Experience? For most only 3 trainings (introduction clinic). But… these guys have been trained by Chris himself, let’s go!

At some point we meet up with Merit (Ultimaas) and Peter (Flying High) who decide to join our forces (appreciated 🙂 ). WAF/Wageningen organized this tourney and arranged shirts (thanks guys). After making sure we are the best looking team around (thanks to Merit’s fashion advise), it is ultimate time…

Right To Play 2014 - Team Photo
Right To Play 2014 – Team Photo

Pool stage; awesome to see everyone grow in only a few hours. Small defensive mistakes start to make way for awesome lay-outs. Although we were one of the least experienced teams out there, we manage to win enough games to become second of our pool. We celebrated accordingly by doing spirit games, enjoying the perfect weather and eating Bart’s railwaycandy.

Finals; only one more game, will we be third or fourth? Our opponent is Bfrisbee2s, familiar faces, this will be a really tough match. Ignore the cramps, shut of the tiredness, full focus; will it be enough? When we are 4-1 behind, we decide it is all or nothing; we completely change our defense strategy. It works, with our spirit boosted we give it all; 5-5, time. Boy, what a game this is. Our flow is going, but Bfrisbee2s is not giving this one away. Universe point; one point that will decide it all…

At home with a well-deserved beer in my hand, I start to rethink this final match; amazing cuts from everyone, defense any team can be proud of, and that after only a few trainings. We won; third place, on the first tournament, can you imagine how mint this team will be in a few months?


Just to give a heads-up to all teams out there …

a new generation of Vertigo players is ready



Introduction Training 2014

Vertigo, the student frisbee association in Eindhoven, organizes a 4 weeks introduction training in September.



Wednesday 3 September (20.00 – 21.30)

Wednesday 10 September (20.00 – 21.30)

Wednesday 17 September (20.00 – 21.30)

Wednesday 24 September (20.00 – 21.30)


At the end of the introduction training you get the opportunity to join a beginners frisbee tournament. This tournament takes place on the 27th of September.


Join now:

[Form has been removed]

Vertigo on GNSK 2014

Last weekend (June 13, 14 and 15) the Grote Nederlandse Studenten Kampioenschappen (GNSK) were held. This year was Tilburg the designated city to organize this event, so for Eindhoven it was a close to home game.

Before we went to Tilburg, we all gathered at Emile’s place where we had Lasagna for dinner. After cleaning up, we went with 9 players, 2 cars, 6 tents and a lot of stuff to Tilburg. When we arrived in Tilburg, we subscribed for the weekend and sought out a spot on the student camping.

When we pitched our tents (which we seemed to have plenty), we all went back to the main location. This happened to be the ice hockey center, though without the ice. The organization of GNSK had arranged a large screen in the hall where we all watched the game of Spain – the Netherlands. This turned out to a great and jolly spectacle in the second half, when the Netherlands won convincingly.

After the game there was a party, that was until 1. Many of the players wanted to save some power for the coming games, so they hit the bunks early.

On the Saturday, we went to the sports location early. We had to be on the bus at 9 o’clock, so it meant an early rise. When we reached the field, we had to warm-up and start the first game against Gronical Dizziness (Groningen). Though Groningen was a better team by far, we showed them you don’t just mess with Vertigo.

The second match of the day was against Tilburg. Tilburg was the team in the tournament with the least experience, because they had a lot of new people on the line. Nonetheless they managed to put up quite a resistance against our play and everyone had to admit they ran a lot in that game.

The last match on the Saturday was against the B-Frisbee2’s from Nijmegen. Again a serious opponent, but now we managed to put up a very good defense. Therefore we were able to keep the opposing scores to a minimum, but sadly it was not enough to grant us victory. Score for the day: 2 losses, 1 win.

In the evening we had an awesome party where we enjoyed a few beers together with the other Ultimate teams and most of the players weren’t in their tents until far after midnight.

On the early Sunday morning (around 9:30) we had to play our first game against WAF Wageningen. So this meant a quick warm-up and onto the field. Gladly, we were able to keep up with WAF and in the first part of the game the score was only 6-3 for WAF. After that WAF happened to be too strong, and the end score was 13-4 for them.

The last game for the poule was against Ultimaas Maastricht. This was maybe the most important game for Vertigo, because winning meant a third or fourth place and losing a fifth or sixth place. We won the game against Maastricht, even though in the end they had a good comeback. This win set us against the B-Frisbee2’s again in the final game on Sunday.

Again they were more experienced and less tired then we were, so this meant a fourth place overall for this year’s GNSK Tournament.

All together it was a great weekend, with good plays, spiritfull games and a deserved winner. To all our opponents and the organization: Thanks for this great weekend!

Frisbee…. F*ck Yeah!”