Upcoming sunday (September 26th) there will be a sportsday in the Philips van Lenneppark. You can join a discgolf clinic there. Try out this sport and have fun!

Eindhoven and National Sportsweek! We got a visit from sportdirector Mark van Ginneken from Eindhoven Sport. Check out this video about Vertigo and Ultimate frisbee!

Ultimate frisbee beginner’s course

Free beginner’s Ultimate Frisbee course!
What can you expect?
– 20 mins warm-up with the full team
– 45 mins of throwing and games in the beginner’s course
– 30 mins of getting to know the full team
Register via: here

Change training location

We changed our training location from to Charles Roelslaan 7A at the Genneper Parken. You can find us there on mondays and wednesdays at 19:30-21:00u.

Competition days in Eindhoven

In the mixed competition 2021 we have two competition days in Eindhoven. Come see us play on sunday 5th and 26th september! Cheer us on!

Welcome to Vertigo!

Vertigo is an ultimate frisbee association for everyone in Eindhoven. We are an international group of students, young-professionals and exchange students. We train and play frisbee together once or twice a week to get better, learn from each other and to have fun!

About Ultimate Frisbee; the sport is a fast and dynamic non-contact team sport, played with a flying disc (frisbee) on a field as tall as a soccer field. During the trainings you will learn various throwing techniques and do a lot of running by chasing discs and opponents. The sport is known for it’s international and open culture and fair play. The Netherlands have a national competition, in which Vertigo joins with a mixed team, open team and women’s team.

If you’d like to have a try-out practice, clinic or want to know more about Ultimate Frisbee, please contact us ! We welcome everyone on the field, no matter your level of experience.

See you on the field!

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Interested in a frisbee disc? You can buy one with our logo for 10 euro’s! We will deliver them only in Eindhoven and by bike courier. If you want a disc, sent us an email: contact@vertigo-frisbee.nl