The Cityleague is a local competition for non-frisbee players and non-members who would like to experience ultimate frisbee. The Cityleague is organized in multiple cities across the Netherlands, as well as in Eindhoven. During three or four evenings you will learn the basics of frisbee and will play a short competition against other teams. The teams are filled with other non-frisbee players and therefore each team is equal in abilities. The Cityleague is a very easy and fun event to experience frisbee. Many teams come back each year to participate every time, so experience it yourself and come join us!

Vertigo will organise a Cityleague once a year. When we know the dates, we will published them on this website. It is most likely that Cityleague will be held in the spring, however this is subject to corona rules. For more information or information in Dutch, you can check the Cityleague website:

Some photos of the cityleague in 2019 in Eindhoven: