Join us

There are 3 basic steps to become an Ultimate player at Vertigo:

1. Try-Out

2. Become a Member

3. Train Hard

1. Try Out

Ultimate is a great sport for newcomers. If you are interested in playing it, you’re welcome to join us during any training. Fill in the contact form below, however, and we’ll keep you informed whether the trainings are cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.

When and where do we train?

Note1: Outdoor training depends on the weather, we try to post a cancellation message when the training is cancelled.
Note2: We depend on field availability of the student sports centre, which changes during the summer break.

For academic year 2017-2018 this is the situation (last update 21-08-’17):

  • Outdoor training (orange pin)
    • Mondays at 7:30 PM, Secondary outdoor training
    • Wednesdays at 7:30 PM, Regular outdoor training

  • Indoor training (red pin) (Nov-Mar)
    • Monday at 9:30 PM: Indoor Training

Check the ‘Calendar‘ or the Upcoming Events in the side-bar for the actual dates and times of our trainings (and games).

We make use of the sport facilities of the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Show the training locations on a bigger map

What do you need for a training?
Nothing special, normal sportswear is fine, but don’t forget the following:

  • Shoes:
    • Cleats (shoes with spikes) are recommended for outdoor. If it’s your first time you can also train on normal sport shoes.
    • Non marking sport shoes for indoor trainings.
  • Dark and light shirt, if you have both, simplifies games played.
  • Water, especially in the summer, lots and lots of water!
  • Last but not least a good mood, we’ll provide the fun!

Try-Out contact form: (for after-intro clinic, click here)

2. Become a Member

Becomming a member is easy:

1. Download this file (membership form)

2. Fill it in

3. Send it to

4. Two options:

a. Print it; sign it; and hand it in during a training (we need it for your signature)

b. Sign it digitally (pdf) and send it by E-mail

5. You will get an E-mail to pay our contribution fees (€20 per year).

3. Train Hard

Lastly, just train hard with us.

Information can be found under Try-Out (up there ^ on this page):

– Where and When

What to bring

Training times in the calendar are leading over the ones on this page (under Try-Out -> Where and When), if you have doubts, just contact us.