Ultimate Beach Trip

June the first, hopped out of bed, put on my flip-flops, grabbed my disk; let’s go to the beach! An idea originated out of some pub-talk implemented the right way; 6 fearsome Vertigo-ers hit the road.


Day one; after a picknick full of luxury, some sickass games of ultimate on the beach and a lot of food, we hijacked a barn and cracked open some cans. “What happends in the barn stays in the barn”, lets just say that all that’s well ends well and nobody got hurt (badly).

You know you did it right when you wake up the next day and realize that someone slept on a trampoline, people for some reasons have bitemarks, and all beer is gone. After some bacon and eggs, it is chilling time on the beach. However, decadent as we are we first chilled on the beach pavilion, drank some italian coffee, and impressed the locals by our fashionable sunglasses.

Obviously, we also had to do what we had to do; we made our sandcastle, did some wrestling, played more ultimate, and slept in the sun, after which it was time to drive back to the east; satisfied and exhausted…

Sweet; let’s do this again 🙂