Committees 2020-2021

Besides the board, Vertigo is kept alive and kicking partly by the members activly enrolled in the different committees.


Social Events

This committee is responsible for all the fun events and activities for the club members. We organise our annualy Vertigo Weekend and try to set up an activity each month. Activities can differ from bowling and boardgame nights to beach trips and ice skating. Do you want to be part of this awesome committee? Ask Rolf or Debbie about the details.

Members: Rolf, Debbie and Maartje


University Students

Our university students are our eyes and ears at the TUE and promote Vertigo at sports events at the university. Students can ask questions about Ultimate Frisbee to this committee and we are of course happy to throw a frisbee at university grounds during breaks.

Members: Rory and Bram



The trainers will develop seasonal goals for each competition team and individual players. Both the adult as well as the youth department will be encouraged to improve their ultimate frisbee skills but having fun will remain an important part of the training goal. Just like the past years, we will try to provide some players to the national team.

Members: Chris, Emile, Eric, Maartje, Martin


Youth Organization

The youth committee will focus on increasing the number of youth members by giving clinics at schools and sports clubs. Additionally, we will organise events for our current youth members and make sure they will be able to play national competition at their own levels.

Members: Chris and Susanne


LED 2021 Tournament

Every fall we organise our very own LED tournament. Teams from all corners of the Netherlands and even foreign teams will come to Eindhoven for a weekend full of ultimate, spirit games and partying. This year, our very own Vertigo team will compete to defend their 2019 title of most spirited team of the tournament.

Members: Emile and Susanne


Promotion and Introduction

This committee is responsible for the growth of the club the coming year. Next to promotion on social media and spontaneous pickup games, they arrange the introduction trainings with a game night and drinks at the end of each introduction period.

Members: Debbie and Leon


Uniforms and Frisbees

Every member of Vertigo wants to have their own vertigo gear. Therefore, this committee will order new shirts and short for everyone who wants to own a complete vertigo outfit. This year the outfit might be expanded with Hoodies or Sweaters.

Members: Leon